Parking Lot Humor

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The holidays are filled with so many people waiting until the last minute to get all their shopping done. The parking lots are full with waiting cars—some with blinkers waiting patiently, some rived up ready to beat the one with the blinker on into the parking spot!

One day I was walking through the crowded parking lot with bags in hand. I had a million things going on in my head at one time! I wasn’t thinking about where my vehicle might be. As I walked in my own little world, I didn’t notice the car driving slowly behind me. I stopped as though thinking I forgot something in the mall. The car stopped and put on the blinker! I happened to catch this out of the corner of my eye. Gathering my thoughts and realizing I didn’t forget anything, I proceeded to walk. The car turned off their blinker and start slowly driving again. I was starting to feel as though I had a stalker!

I then thought to myself, “Where did I park my car?! Sure would be nice to have Kit here to meet me around the front of the store!” I stopped and looked around to search for my car. I fumbled in my purse to get my keys so I could set off my car alarm to sound the way to my lost vehicle! The car stopped again and turned on the blinker!

I turned and looked at the car full of impatient people who couldn’t wait to park and get inside the mall to see what was left to buy. I found my keys and hit the button. I heard my vehicle two aisles over! I turned and proceeded through the vehicles to get to my vehicle when I heard a loud honk and mad people flipping me off and cursing me!

I got to my vehicle, put the items in the trunk, and got into my car. As I started it and slowly began to back out, I noticed the car that had been following me was waiting to get my spot. Not only was he waiting, but another car was, too! This had to be interesting! I had to make a decision in which way I pulled out. If Pulled out to the left the other car would surely get my spot and the impatient people that followed me for a good five minutes would lose out. Having felt bad about the confusion I caused, I decided to pull out and allow that car to get my spot as the people in the other car honked and showed me their angry faces and were waving their hands at me. I just smiled and waved and shouted Merry Christmas to you all, too!

I guess next time we might want to go on bicycles!


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