Patriots Look Unbeatable

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Thanksgiving is the traditional start of the football season. The holiday has pretty much become synonymous with football and this year we witnessed some exciting games.

Sunday night we witnessed a great game between The Philadelphia Eagles and The awesome New England Patriots. The Patriots have an 11-0 record and quarterback Tom Brady has a chance to make history, as without question, one of the best quarterbacks the sport has ever produced.

The Eagles gave the Patriots all they can handle and proved that it is possible to defeat New England. Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley did a fine job in moving the ball, and the team put on quite an offensive show. In a game that many felt the Patriots would win easily, the Eagles displayed tenacity, determination and a strategy of constant offense that seemed of offset the Patriots. 

However the Patriots showed why they are such a great team. They seem to have mastered the art of coming back and scoring big late in the game. They were actually trailing the Eagles going into the forth quarter. The comeback came when Laurence Maroney scored a 4-yard run and Asante Samuel intercepted an A.J. Feely pass in the end zone. The final score was a 31-28 victory for New England.

New England has been blowing every team away, winning by an average of 24 points. They are now receiving quite a bit of criticism for the close margin in their game with Philadelphia on Sunday.

I feel this is undue criticism. New England has a chance to to produce the best winning season in the history of the sport, and may eclipse the 17-0 record of the awesome 1972 Dolphins.

The game on Sunday was very exciting and New England again proved that there are many ways to win. And a small margin win is still a win! The fact remains that this team is awesome, and it will take a considerable effort to beat them.

The other thing that needs to be considered is something I have learned from boxing. No matter how good you are, how great your skill and strategy, anyone can be beaten on a given night. This is what the Eagles showed in their outstanding, but losing effort against New England. Anyone can be beat! There are always the intangibles. That is what makes the sport so interesting.

I think we can look forward to an exciting season of great games, between great teams. New England has been my favorite team since the days of Russ Francis. They are in a position to make history, and my money is on them to do just that. 


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