A Poem of the Time We Once Had

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This is a poem I once wrote to turn into a song but left untitled because I was to afraid to manifest the pictures and thoughts I had on my relationship into a reality, I guess I felt as an untitled piece it is left unfinished therefore not there for me to deal with. This period a few years ago was a tutorial for me, I learned the harder truths to loving with everything you have …

My poem has no rules. It is only lyrics to my song.


I have loved you for some time

Pure and true pure and new

Do you invite the love of another

The reality hit me like a train

And I’m only your stop on this wild track

What it feels like to be betrayed

I have felt so often now

We go round and round in circles

We go round and round in circles babe

The anger is flowing through my veins

My tears feed the fire like gasoline

The devils play ground

Why does love fade away

Whys our love fading away

Because you lied to me now and lied to me then

And what am I supposed to believe

I always thought you were not that sad man

Now what am I supposed to believe

And everyday I try to forget

But I still need you

Every day is a maze with no end in sight

So I still need you

You are the rhythm that my heart beats

At least that’s what my heart speaks

And I still need you

But it’s been a few weeks

And the bruises have healed

And I’m sure it’ll be a few months soon

And I wont need you

But my heart does not bruise

And I cannot heal nor forget

The nights with fear of the unknown

The ghosts of the past haunt with vengeance

Cause night turns to day and its here to stay

no relief for the weary

What does not break you will only make you stronger

Because I know there’s an angel waiting to take me away

I know there’s a promise in my life

Worth waiting for

Why does love fade away

Why does love fade away

A question unanswered is enough said

The truth is in the day you left my bed

And only the lord can help see through the gray

And in that belief is the dawn of a new day.

You see nothing hurts like jealousy

Nothing can be worse than losing the heart of another

The heart of your lover

The devil is at play

The devil is at play

my thoughts on my life.



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