Poetry of the Spirit: The First Flake!

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“The First Flake”

The snow,
So gentle and new,
Like a birth,
Do bring me mirth,
and take away, oh take away
The hurt,
This world did give,
and place a flake of love
So we may gently live.

So beautiful and light
You glow with purity
So bright,
Caring, sharing
You fall
Innocence from heaven
To wash away the storm
In spite of it all.

A sign of new life
you float ad float
so light in flight
Inspire my heart
So I too can be
a part
Of this ever loving spirit
that lies dormant
Living and dying
Sheltered in my heart.

With your arrival today
Dear flake
so simple and yet …
Please let me learn to be born
a new
like you and be free
to love in spirit and in truth
as you do
with the love of God
within my breast
Let me too live
and gently
with truth and love and rest.

Written by:

November 23, 2010





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