A Portable Charger to Revive Your Dead Devices

Funny, you could have sworn you charged your cell phone last night! But there you are, in the middle of an important conversation and then you realize that your battery is completely drained. (You were nowhere near done discussing who got cut from Idol this week). End all power struggles with Powerstick, a lightweight, portable battery charger that will resuscitate your dead device no matter where you are.

Just power up your Powerstick via a USB or AC adapter and then pop it into your purse. You’ll never have to worry about drained batteries on your favorite portable electronics again. It comes with 9 different adapters so it’s compatible with all the most popular cell phones, mp3 players, and PDA’s. It even has a built-in flashdrive with two, four, or eight gigs of memory, so you can take your info. to go.

Watch the video to find out more about how the Powerstick can save your life when your devices are dead.

Originally published on Digitwirl


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