The Power of Women: Adult Synchro Skating Team

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Rediscovering a Lost Passion:
In the fall of 1998 I joined an adult synchronized skating team. I am still skating on a team, ten years later. It is one of my true passions in life. I am addicted.

Twenty-Four Women:
Being on a team with up to twenty-four women at a time is one of the greatest arenas (pardon the pun) to observe and learn about human behaviour.

There is nothing like being part of a group of women, collectively working towards a common goal. Nothing.

I have learned so many lessons, been a part of many stories and had more fun that I ever imagined. I think I have enough to write a book (stay tuned on that one).

A Lesson in Appreciation:
One of the most powerful drivers for the success of our teams over the years truly was gratitude. Many of us had skated as children. It was a joy that we had left behind as adults, mothers and wives. We were grateful to have the privilege to skate again. We also appreciated each other.

Defining Success:
Let me define success in the terms most of us on the team shared.

Success meant that we, that is adult women, reconnected to something that brought us joy in our youth. We also connected with each other, something that is integrally important and instinctive to us. We supported each other, counted on each other, laughed and cried with each other. The friends we made on that team became like a family.

Attraction in Action:
Last season I didn’t skate. The team I had been on had grown beyond my capabilities. I missed it terribly. I decided to deliberately put the law of attraction to the test on this one. I used all that I had learned to attract a new team with my peers as teammates that was in the neighborhood and set up for fun and recreation. I wanted to skate for the joy of it.

Three weeks after I had deliberately made this request, I found an ad in our local paper about a new start up team! It has turned out to be more fun that I ever imagined! I love it when that happens!

New Season, New Joy:
We are preparing for our first competition of the season this weekend. I am skating with many of my old friends from previous teams and a few wonderful new ones.

Abundant Gratitude:
My gratitude today is abundant. However, I will single out one individual. A wonderful woman whose vision and dedication in helping women find joy in their lives is unparalleled.

She started the first local team in 1995. Because of her dedication and focus on friendship and fun, over eighty local women have found joy in this sport. Thank you dear Ann!

My Challenge to You:
Is there someone in your life that has made a difference in helping you find joy?

I challenge you to call them or send them a note and let them know. It feels wonderful.


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