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Puppy Dear

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Little Puppy Dear
I am so sorry your life was so short
You were a precious and playful sort
A beauty, white sprinkled with red
Of no fault of your own, now dead.

I’ll never forget you or your love
So sweet and soft like a dove
You adored me and I you too
I’d take your place in lieu
Of losing you and feeling this pain
You could come back and play, a gain
Your brother and sisters, Dita, too
All sadly remember and miss you.

I am so sorry your life was so short
bad memories of your death, I wish I could abort.
Some day I hope to see you once again,
cuddle you and feel your licking and tiny hand
As it touched my heart and trusted me
To love and protect you, I tried you see
But I failed and I have to hurt now
Remembering your pain and suffering then
A bit of relief in heaven you will play and win
The kind of love you deserve so
I’ll see you again someday, when heaven I go.

In Memory of Puppy Dear who was tragically killed accidentally March 4th 2009 in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Puppy Dear belonged to Angel’s litter.


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