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A Rather Amusing Vent of an Anecdote

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Okay, so I went to Boerne (a cute, little town over) to get my mom some medicine because she’ s not feeling well. So there I am on Main Street in freaking bumper-to-bumper traffic and this stupid lady changes lanes without turning on her freaking blinker. Now, if you’ve ever been in a car while I’m driving you’d know that it bothers the hell out of me when people don’t know how to use a damn blinker. THEY INVENTED THEM FOR A REASON! Then, I slam on my brakes while initiating a series of honks. I can see the moron through her rear view mirror … and despite however much I wanted to, I did not flick her off. I just scrunched up my face and wailed on my horn. I drive a 2006 Suzuki that’s horn sounds like a chew toy so I gather a few laughs from a few onlookers.

FINALLY, I get to Wal-mart and it’s PACKED! I see a rather decent spot to I put my blinker to signal that I own that spot. Well the person backs up and then this huge ass truck comes roaring passed me and takes that spot. I was about to lose it. It was just… whatever. Anyway, I find a better parking spot (hah, that’s what you get jerk) and get into Wal-Mart. I was shoved aside like six different times by frantic parents who waited until the last damn minute to shop for their kids. My uncle had previously emailed me some pictures of my grandparents so I went to the photo thing to have them printed. Now, at the Kodak one there is two different computers. One lady was printing like every picture she has ever taken and was there for like thirty minutes, the girl next to her was such a moron. She’s standing there looking rather blankly at the screen and then she turns around is like, “Oh my god, I don’t know how to work this.” How hard is it to read freaking directions, seriously? So I help her out and she’s as slow as they come. She’s worse than the chick that was in my friend Jen and mine driver’s ed class, Darcy.
Anyway, I finally get my pictures printed and do the rest of my shopping then head to check out. Well, there was this man in front of me with like five kids with him. They touched like EVERYTHING. One even picked something up out of my basket. Get this, after the cashier checks everything out and bags everything does the man discover his wallet was left in the truck. I was like … wow. Really? I had already loaded everything onto the convert belt so I was like, Hell if I’m going anywhere. There was like ten people to a line. The guy takes a solid ten minutes to hustle his kids out of there to his truck and come in and pay. THEN we discover that he can’t fucking count correctly and gave the wrong change to the cashier like four different times.

I finally check out, load up my car, pick up some Taco Bell and guess who’s in front of me on 1376? THE SAME DAMN LADY WHO DOESN’T know how to use her blinker. She slows down to like 20 MPH and then turns … about two miles later … WITHOUT USING HER BLINKER.

So yeah, that was my day. How was yours?


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