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The Ring

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It's been a long time coming to reality,
this dream of one certain thing.
He has had one goal since his youth,
the honor of earning a championship ring.

Then came the high school years,
it was almost a sure thing.
But even with the talent they had,
they fell short of getting that elusive ring.

But surely it would happen now,
since the college days are upon us.
But try as they may to fulfill that dream,
it always seemed to end up in the dust.

Soon the playing days were over,
and it was time for the job to start.
But as a coach he was reminded
to keep his dream close to his heart.

Now the time has arrived,
the goal is once again in sight.
They will play for the state title
in Tuscaloosa this very night.

Chances are good that they will succeed
and the dream will become a real thing.
The cards are in his favor and with God on his side,
when the last whistle blows, he will have his ring.

Note:  On December 2nd, they were victorious
           and the life long goal was achieved.


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