Road to Marrakech

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My husband, daughter, and I went to Morocco a few years ago on a business trip. None of us speak French or Arabic, so it was quite a culture shock when we didn’t hear anyone speak English for a week. 

We were based in Fes with a group of French engineers (who luckily spoke English) that my husband was working with. They had a mini-van and they told us that we could borrow for a few days if we wanted to drive down to Marrakech. My husband thought that was a great idea—I didn’t because I knew we wouldn’t be able to speak to anyone who understood English for the whole three-day trip. Somehow, we managed to drive the several hours to Marrakech, stop for petrol several times, read a map (kind of) and actually got to Marrakech … and back … without ever having to utter a word! Even in the best hotels, the people only knew very, very little English, but we made it!

That was the most interesting vacation of my life! I always try to be very kind and considerate to people who aren’t from this country and have a hard time trying to communicate because I know first hand how difficult it must be for them. It was also good for our then fourteen-year-old daughter because it taught her to be patient!


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