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Eyes focused, body locked in motion

A mortal body cries in agony as it is pushed by an immortal spirit

He moves forward steady like the clouds in the sky

His drive comes from a place within him that only he and God knows

With his body in pain and his spirit in bliss, he moves forward contently

He does not stumble, for his path is straight and his legs are strong

As he sees a hill in front of him, he smiles, for he knows he will defeat it

He is attacked by the heat of the sun, and consoled by the wind and a patch of shade

For the runner, it is not the finish line that matters, but the run

It is his place of peace, his escape, his place to contemplate life and what’s important

He is never alone, for the sun and the moon will always follow his every step

As he reaches the base of the hill, he calls to his spirit, because his body will not make it alone

With body and spirit waging war, he continues up the hill

The body begs to stop, but the spirit is unrelenting, unmerciful, and will not bend

After reaching the peak, the body and spirit even out

Victoriously, he continues on

Upon reaching his destination, he is justified with pride, strength, and good health

With his body and spirit spent, he will sleep well another night.



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