SATC Sex Secrets − What We Learned from the Fabulous Foursome

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When an iconic television series such as Sex and the City ends, it does not really cease to exist—the lessons that it contains tend to live on in the minds of its viewers. The series covered many issues that people like you and me regularly experience—relationships and dating for instance—in a way that was both educating and entertaining. The path-breaking series also made it acceptable to discuss these issues openly. From sex toys and masturbation to infertility and performance anxiety—we are more sexually open and informed, thanks to the foursome.

Lessons we learned from Carrie and her friends
There are many positive things that viewers learned from this show. We learnt that being single in your 30’s and 40’s is OK, as is initiating a relationship at that age. We also learnt that sex and fun need not be mutually exclusive terms. And the show depicts these things with a lot of humor and makes it acceptable. In one episode, you see one friend introducing another to vibrators, and in another you see a leading lady handcuffing her bed partner.

Lessons we learned from Samantha
SATC is not all about fun and games. One episode taught women to go to a doctor and get a mammogram done. This is when Samantha consults a surgeon about getting breast implants and instead gets diagnosed with breast cancer. This character also sent out the message that women should enjoy the pleasures of sex for themselves, and not just to please a partner. The message that viewers got is that you needn’t hide your sexuality, but go and get what you want—take on the world on your own terms.

Lessons we learned from Charlotte
Sex and the City also covered serious issues such as infertility through Charlotte. This fabulous lady showed us a variety of ways to treat her problem through acupuncture and hormone treatments. We also learnt that there are no quickie solutions to this problem. She also opened the pathway for adoption as she considered this option in her quest to become a mother. This character’s husband suffers from impotence, and although his condition gets resolved eventually, it does not save their marriage—an occurrence that happens ever so often.

Lessons we learned from Miranda
Miranda, the well-educated lawyer, finds it difficult to merge her devotion for her career and a fulfilling relationship. The show addresses this conflict that many successful career women face. This character eventually resolves the problem by marrying her true love that is also her baby’s father. Everything ends on a positive note, but you also learn that it’s OK to talk about your fears of single parenting.

Lessons we learned for life
Another good thing that the show does is to inform viewers about vulvodynia—a sexual condition that is characterized by a sharp and inexplicable pain around the vaginal opening. Charlotte has been diagnosed with this condition, although the doctor dismisses the condition as just uncomfortable, when in fact it can be extremely painful. But it certainly initiated a lot of discussion about vulvodynia.


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