Sea and Sky

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It sounds a familiar sight and absolutely gorgeous. A soft breeze and a blue landscape increase power of mind flight. Huge deep mystic sea and endless elevated proud sky both of them are calm and close each other and join each other in the end and make horizon. Dream changes horizon of view. It seems Sea laughs and her movement makes small waves and they get far away from horizon and come to the beach. They are a little warm and happy and a little naughty and stroke the beach. Sky is happy and laughs. His laugh makes small white clouds. Cloud’s play makes soft breeze that leaves horizon and comes to beach. There isn’t difference between sea and sky and it seems they mirror each other and reflex each other’s appearance and behavior. Blue reflexes blue. Laugh reflexes Laugh. Caress reflexes caress. Sun shines and they reflex his lights and both of them sound glorious. Their beauty penetrates into mind and donates peace and quiet to it. Mind takes a paintbrush and paints a lot of swans and mermaids and children that play. It completes dramatic picture but mind makes a mistake and puts a small black stain near the horizon. A stain makes everything different.

Sound of sea’s laugh converts to shouts and they make big waves and they come to beach and hit rocks and quake everything. As a same behavior, Sky shouts and makes a lot of big black clouds and clouds fight with each other and make a stormy weather with a lot of noise and thunders and lightings. They run and hit sea’s face and make it angry and persuade sea to get revenge. They are still mirror of each other. Shout reflexes shout. Violence reflexes Violence. Disaster reflexes disaster. Beauty goes and ugliness returns. New state can have just a victim and it is mind. Mind recognizes his mistake and can’t tolerate and immediately erases the small black stain and then everything comes back to the first state. It is happy and takes pleasure in beauty again.  

Who knows how fragile the border between beauty and ugliness, peace and fight, Heaven and Hell?  



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