The Seasoned Flag

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Old Glory stands proudly, now lifted high and ever so tall,
Its life has been rescued, you would never know at all.

Unless taking a look closer to see its cloth ragged and torn,
Surely many years of flying had made it look worn.

But this flag’s story was different, only a couple of years old,
It had flown daily, another owner wanted his statement bold.

It was purchased along with millions on a tragic autumn day,
When our lives changed forever, mere words not enough to say.

This flag, like many others, expressed a patriot’s heart lived here,
It was meant to fly continuously for many, many years.

But the elements took their toll and the fabric began to tear,
From rain and snow and wind, and the sun, too much to bear.

The owner felt its days fulfilled, a job done well with pride,
Carelessly discarding and then tossing it aside.

Crumpled on the floor of the closet by the door,
One day the owner said, “We don’t need this anymore.”

So he gathered the other trash to be picked up on that day,
There underneath the broken toys, the seasoned flag did lay.

A curious man stopped by, before the trash machine arrived,
What is that under the toys? Can this flag be revived?

Attached to the cord from Old Glory’s top, an eagle caught his eye,
The bird and the flag permanently attached, as friends they would survive.

The man looked them over with a tear in his eye,
How could anyone toss out such a symbol of life?

“A new home awaits you,” Old Glory was told,
As the man shook off dirt and did carefully fold.

Once home, the flag safe, the man told his wife,
Of the story of finding this symbol of life.

They cried as they thought of how proudly it waved,
At the home of another and what joy that it gave.

They found the right place to display this seasoned one,
Now Old Glory stands tall, gently waving in the sun.


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