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A poem by JB Ashley

Another season, the familiar autumn, nature prepares for her winter’s sleep, before the first frost and deep white snow appears nature’s hand is at work, preparing the land.

She will have much to do, many changes to make, nature’s palette will paint our world, all manner of colors familiar to our land.

The leaves on the trees will turn golden in the mild autumn sunlight, browns and
russet reds will abound.

Then almost as if getting ready for bed, all but a few flowers will appear to be dead.
The leaves on the trees, crisp and golden brown will fall from each branch down to the ground.

The sky at night is now much darker and grey, but nature just sleeps through winter’s long dark stay.

Nature’s awakening after a long winter’s sleep, refreshed and ready to bring forth,
the first new green, new growth, new life, new spring.


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