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Self Love

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Done found me some good ole’ self love
It came down from above
And landed on this head
And stitched itself on with thread
Like a wig
Or a hat
I’m wearing it
Like that

Call it what you might
Cause it’s out of sight
It’s a good ole’ self love
Protects me from the rain
And the pain, Child!
Of the likes of you
And those who would do me harm
And paints parts of my life blue
It’s self love baby

I done put it on
Like a Sunday suit
And a brand new tie
And I’m wearing it well
Sugar Pie
It’s good, ole’, self love

It’s in my walk
And talk
And stride
In my demeanor
A new self-pride
A new me, you wouldn’t recognize

You can see it before I arrive
It turns corners on a morning drive
Takes all prisoners
Leaves none behind
Look at what I done found
I think I’ll just pass it around
My good ole’ self love

Photo courtesy of Asif Akbar


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