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Seven Unlikely Twitter Stars

  • Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg

    Angie stimulated nationwide WTFs and unwelcomed sexual tension by forcefully thrusting her right leg out of the lengthy slit in her black Atelier Versace dress at the Oscars last month. Less than an hour after the leg’s debut, the Twitter handle "@AngiesRightLeg":!/angiesrightleg was born, and by Monday morning, it had more than fifteen thousand followers. Today it boasts an incomprehensible forty-seven thousand-plus devotees. While the leg’s tweets started off rather simpleminded with expressions such as, “I’m a leg, get a load of me!!” it appears that the celebrated appendage has adopted a diplomatic edge, much like the woman whose body it’s affixed to. With tweets such as, “Big Ang and Mr. Jolie went to McDonald’s while I was busy shaming Limbaugh and securing nukes in North Korea. Typical,” the leg proves that it’s a limb to be reckoned with.
  • Feral Pigeon

    If you live in a city, it’s safe to say you’ve had your fair share of pigeon encounters. It’s hard to tell what’s going through their pea-sized brains, what with their shifty looks and erratic behavior. Thankfully, "@feral_pigeon": takes you through a day in the life of everyone’s favorite city-dwelling bird. Nearly thirty-six thousand followers track the mysterious bird’s behavior via hourly tweets such as “puff up and harass other pigeons,” “panic! fly and land three feet away,” and “slow walk … bob … bob … bob …”
  • Baby Carter

    Even from the womb, Blue Ivy Carter, the infant of R&B powerhouse diva Beyoncé and rap extraordinaire Jay-Z, had thousands of Twitter followers. The twelve thousand-plus fans following "@BeyonceJayFetus":!/beyoncejayfetus got the pleasure of tagging along for Blue’s journey from wee fetus to baby prodigy. With up-to-date tweets such as, “Finally got my fifth finger. Five stubs to go. I guess you can actually put a baby ring on it now,” and “So I guess you’ve seen my photos…Yeah I’m infinitely more attractive than a regular baby,” fans of Baby Carter never missed so much as a hiccup.
  • Big Ben

    The Twitter page dedicated to the world-renowned clock tower bell located in Westminster Palace is simple, disturbingly accurate, and very useful if you want to know what time it is in London. Although at first it might appear that Big Ben simply has a nasty drug habit, it quickly becomes apparent that the account tweets the appropriate amount of “BONGS” for the exact hour, just as it does in reality. Although it was started as a statement of the banality of Twitter, the account, "@big_ben_clock":, now boasts over 169,000 followers.
  • Jennifer Lopez’s Nipple

    When J.Lo took the stage with Cameron Diaz to present at the Academy Awards last month, viewers squinted and cocked their perplexed heads, trying to figure out what exactly they were looking at. Although she denies it, people are pretty sure that they saw Jenny from the Block’s nipple popping out of her sheer dress. Immediately after the nipple made an appearance, so did "@JLosNipple":!/JLosNipple and a tweet reading, “DID YOU SEE ME!?” Even though J.Lo’s nip, which currently has over six thousand followers, wanes in comparison to Angie’s leg, it proves it’s a good sport: “Just to clear the areola, me and @Angiesrightleg have no beef.”
  • Beatrice’s Hat

    Twenty-two-year-old Princess Beatrice took a fashion gamble by donning a questionable Lady Gaga-esque headpiece to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. Unfortunately for Beatrice, the pretzel-like head accessory turned out to be a hot mess rather than a haute success, earning it its very own parody Twitter account, "@beatriceshat":!/beatriceshat.
  • Bradley Cooper’s Mustache

    Despite being the sexiest man alive, Bradley was upstaged by his decision to rock a 1973 porn ’stache to the Academy Awards. With a little over seven hundred people following "@CoopersMustache":!/CoopersMustache, the heartthrob’s upper-lip accessory is not nearly as popular as the other celebrity body-part Twitter accounts that stemmed from this year’s Oscars. Maybe he should take that as a hint to shave off his crumb catcher. Related Stories: "Ten Pinterest Accounts You Need to Follow": "Everything You Need to Know About Babyoncé": "The Good, the Bad, the Awkward: Highlights from the Oscars":


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