Shadows and Reflections

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Waking up
with thoughts of you …

I search for what I yearn,
but all I find is

Pale shadows on the wall,
all men are mere reflections
of the man you are.

In the light, you are obscured,
a silhouette on the horizon.
You are in the distance watching,
but I cannot tell which way you turn.

So, I look to where the light shines
upon faces gone pale once more,
those shadows of the silhouette.

I look for the truth you know, and
the wisdom you share.
I find lies from them,
and foolish thoughts hidden in the half-truths
of almost the right one in a possible right place.

I hope when there is nothing to hope for.
I yearn for what cannot be.
I love when I am not supposed to.
I burn for what almost was.

So, I am left empty of hope,
and accepting what I cannot change.
I will love with all that I am,
and continue in this pale land.

You cannot change what you are.
I cannot change what I’ve become.
We cannot be what we might have wanted,
For we are what we were supposed to be.

Shifting sands, and a setting sun.
Waves crashing on the rocks
As I sit upon this shore.

Forgotten dreams and a waning heart.
Thoughts falling upon my soul
As I drift out to sea.

I see them lined upon the shore,
waving as I leave once more.
I tried to stay … to love … to be
But I cannot remain forever caught
in a place where I cannot see
They were nothing more than shadows on the wall
and reflections in the sea.

The maelstrom takes me, and I am pulled down.
I see you upon the rocks, but you cannot reach me


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