She’s All That

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From baby daddies to baby deliveries, a new and improved version of a star is born.

The United States has the second worst newborn death rate in the developed world. And that’s just one of the totally disturbing facts you’ll discover in The Business of Being Born, a new documentary from actress Ricki Lake and award-winning filmmaker Abby Epstein that questions the way that American women choose to have their babies.

Yes, you heard right, Ricki Lake. If her name conjures up images of uncomfortable talk show moments or ‘60s era teens with teased hair doing the Madison, it’s time for you to meet the new Ricki. She has had two kids. She has lost 140 pounds. She’s even rumored to be dating John Mayer. Go figure. She’s also so passionate about educating women about the options they have when it comes to giving birth that she decided to make a film about it.

“I want to empower women and educate women so that they can make the best choice for them,” she has said. “We’re not telling women, ‘Oh, you should do this. I had a home birth so you should too.’ I think today’s modern woman needs to know what the true statistics are and what the risks are, both for a natural, unmedicated birth and for a hospital one.”

See the new Ricki in person when she hits your town with her new flick. Check out the movie’s Web site for information about tickets and showtimes in your area!

By Caroline Stanley

Photo Courtesy of Gen Art Pulse


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