On Showing Up

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she showed up
on first street 
at 6:35 …
“a tad late though” 
he said,
her armor was on
her guard was up …
a glass of wine
then laugher arrived
a few guarded smiles
he walked her to the car
then asked to kiss her

it was a good kiss …

she showed up
at the firehouse
a friday evening
a nice invite
to talk more
to become friends
to laugh together
to have conversations 
then kiss
then look a bit deeper
and ponder one another
when that time comes to leave
then think about

the next time …

she showed up
a tad late
at the coffee house
on a warm Saturday morning
they walked along first street
talking, they held hands
she revealed to him
two secrets about herself
and he listened
with an open heart
he didn’t flinch
he didn’t run away
they sat
they discussed their children
and he invited her
to see his house
that he was building
with his hands
and as she walked through 
the bare floors 
and echoing walls
she understood
a piece of him
she could see his vision
of a home
and of his life
rebuilding itself
and felt honored
he would share 
this special place with her
and in a corner 
in an empty room


he kissed her …

he showed up 
on her doorstep
with bags of food
and a mission to create
the first of many
beautiful meals
as they sipped wine
and laughed and danced
and reveled in the presence
of one another
he was unsure
if he’d be staying


he stayed …

she showed up
wanting him
to feel joy,
warmth and laughter
when they are together
holding hands
taking very small steps
to where risk is
and possibly 
take a chance

together …

she showed up
and touched his face
wanting to smooth away
the concerns
he has carried
for so long
she wants 
to gently share
and love him 
with her body
in ways that 
she could never tell him
only show him
while he looks deep into her eyes
and she looks into his
glimpses of possibilities
are shared 
as they draw 
a deep breath
of air together


she wants
to open her heart
to him
to wrap him in the safety
of the love 
of her soul
she wants him
to know this
he does …


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