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Silver Foxes: Hollywood’s Sexiest Gray-Haired Celebs

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Any discussion revolving around the illustrious silver fox—a person noted for his or her sexy silver or white-haired locks along with good looks and charm—usually starts with Anderson and ends with Cooper.

While the CNN anchor is, without a doubt, a king among the Silver Foxes, he’s not in a league of his own. There’s a wide range of celebrities, both men and women, worthy of the Silver Fox title for embracing their distinguished good looks.

George Clooney: Cooper might be king, but Clooney is a god in the Silver Fox set. He’s a classic movie star in every sense of the word; debonair and dashing, he’s a living Cary Grant. And everyone knows that they just don’t make them like Cary Grant anymore in Hollywood. Clooney is the guy who is clearly comfortable in his skin and aging looks, which is refreshing in his line of work.

George Clooney photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Helen Mirren: Mirren tops many lists for her amazing body of work, but she makes the cut here for being the female Anderson Cooper. She’s one of those rare gems in the film industry whose age hasn’t prevented her from being seen as sexy as well as a great actress, making her a double threat.

Helen Mirren photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

John Slattery: Being a handsome standout in a cast that includes Jon Hamm is no easy feat, but as Roger Sterling—the second half of the advertising agency Sterling-Cooper in Mad Men—Slattery is a slick-talking ladies’ man embedded with a vulnerable heart. The chemistry between him and Christina Hendricks’ Joan Holloway is palpable and is confirmation that he has an undeniable sex appeal.

John Slattery photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Meryl Streep: A naturally white-haired goddess, Streep’s streaks are often buried in her latest character transformations. Of course, not so much in The Devil Wears Prada, where she exuded sex appeal and bitchiness, an act that could only be accomplished by one of the greatest living actresses working today. Like Mirren, there’s very little Streep can’t do based on her talent and her beauty. Actresses half her age would kill for an ounce of her abilities and looks.

Meryl Streep photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Anthony Bourdain: He radiates adventure and excitement with every bite of food he takes. The accomplished chef and food critic is known for his frank analysis of cuisines he seeks out across the globe. He’s also regarded as a kind of rock star of the culinary world with his rugged good looks and that naturally gray hair. He’s hot without really trying and that makes for the best kind of Silver Fox.

Anthony Bourdain photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Ruby Dee: At eighty-four, Dee is certainly the senior Silver Fox here, but that doesn’t mean the woman doesn’t still have it. Her looks are a bonus to her background in everything from the stage to television to movies to activism. She’s a powerhouse never known for shying away from anything, including her golden age.

Ruby Dee photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Blythe Danner: At once funny, sexy, and an all-around great talent, Danner always seems to elevate any scene she’s in on the small and big screens. She carries herself well and her sexiness emanates from that confidence. Danner is also not worried about concealing her age unlike so many other actresses who feel either forced to do so or just expected to. That in itself makes her attractive.  

Blythe Danner photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Tim Gunn: As co-host of Project Runway, Gunn is the kind of man who appreciates a classic look when he see it and his white hair is the equivalent of the little black dress: it never goes out of style. Gunn is a sharp-dressed man whose tresses distinguish him as much as his signature line “make it work” does. In other words, he doesn’t just make his look work; he wears it extremely well.

Tim Gunn photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Ellen Burstyn: She’s never shirked from playing tortured souls and mothers, but perhaps that’s because she was okay allowing her natural appeal to speak for itself. Watching Burstyn age naturally over her forty-plus year career has only heightened her Silver Foxiness, earning her a deserved spot here.

Ellen Burstyn photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Morgan Freeman: He’s the man with the voice, but he’s also a handsome, silver-haired gentleman who brings class to everything he does. He’s sexy without being overt and he’s rocked that persona for decades. Let’s see his younger counterparts try to accomplish that kind of achievement!

Morgan Freeman photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Eric Dane: Not a lot of actors could pull off the title “McSteamy” without being able to back it up, but he easily manages it as Dr. Mark Sloan in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe it’s his distinguished look that puts the ladies at ease, but his appeal can draw in a one-night stand just as easily as a longtime girlfriend. (His character is now dating Chyler Leigh’s Dr. Lexie Grey.) Obviously, the early gray doesn’t hurt.

Eric Dane photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The list could easily go on—Richard Gere, Bill Clinton, and Jamie Lee Curtis are all also worthy Silver Foxes. The sheer fact that the list doesn’t end here is inherently amazing and a sign that being a twenty-something does not always a hottie make.


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