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As we all know, people need to spend at least eight hours a day sleeping. Why? Well, of course to have a good rest and have your energy back. Lack of sleep could cause you headaches and of course, that flying atmosphere—your body is here, but your soul is already somewhere out there.

I spent almost all my life in the same school that is located near my home. So when there was an opportunity for me to go to a university that was located thousand of miles from my home, I was thrilled. I love going on the bus and seeing the view of my city that I have never seen before.

Of course, those happy feelings drove me to despise everyone that fell asleep on the bus. I was wondering, why can’t they just read or do anything useful, rather than having their heads bowed to every direction and their mouths wide open. I considered them very lazy people.

However, that statement was made when I was very—and I mean very—young. Stupid, energetic, optimistic, and happily looked at the world as a wonderful place. A year after I went to the university, I started to understand why many people choose to sleep or fall asleep on the bus. Why? Oh, come on. Who could stand the wait for more than an hour just to get home? You get stuck with the traffic jam and suddenly that flying feeling is aroused and without realizing it, we have moved to another dimension. And to feel the vehicle rocking you, kind of reminding you of when we were little and our mother rocked our cradle. Then you let your head rock to every side and have your mouth wide open. Yeah, shame on me ... I did that too, in the end. I figure, rather than try to resist the sleepy feeling, better we just go with it.

Well, of course I could get some sleep if I get a seat. Sometimes, I have to stand all the way until I get home. During those tormenting times, I started to study every sleeping pose of each passenger.

The most annoying are those people who rock their head to right and left. If you are standing, you could feel yourself moving backwards, avoiding his or her head falling and taking a position near your stomach. Or when you are sitting, his or her head suddenly landing on your shoulder and staying that way unless you moved your body a bit. The most intriguing to me are those people who could maintain the yoga position. Why did I say that? Because, they just sit still—no rocking head, no opened mouth. They just sit there. Amazing! They look so peaceful and don’t lose their dignity. I wish I could sleep like that.

But from all the positions that I have seen, there was nothing that could be more ridiculous than this one. That night, I just got back from the university. Usually I love to sit near the window. Only that night I chose not to. Across me there is this girl. She is about my age. We were both drifted away with our thoughts. There was a lady sitting in front of her. And across that lady, which means that person sitting in front of me, there was this guy who, of course, fell in a very deep sleep. This time, not only did his head rock to the right and left, but the body went along with it. Like that grandfather clock—left, right, left, right ... on and on.

Then suddenly, the bus went right very fast and all I could remember was seeing his body rocked very hard across the seat and his head falling down in the lap of that lady! The girl across me and I first screamed. We thought he would get his head bumped into another seat.

When we knew that his head landed safely on the lap of other passenger, we both went wild and laughed like crazy. It did not stop for about twenty minutes. The guy I assume was embarrassed and apologized to the lady. And not long after that, he got off from the bus, leaving me and the girl laughing out loud.

The lesson from the above story? It is okay to sleep on the bus. But for heaven’s sake ... control your body or else you will get bumped in the head!


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