Sooner or Later ... the Sun Must Set

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They say love can move mountains
Love can make the impossible a reality
Love is the key to happiness
As he caresses her frail cheek
He knows love will not save her

Disease has ravished her beauty
Sapped her of her strengths
Turned her sweet smile into grimaces of pain
And now was sucking out her last moments of life

He looked upon her face and saw her as she once was
As the tears he had fought back, slid down his face
He wanted to bury his face in the sweetness of her hair
And sob until his pain was gone and his tears run dry

She opened her eyes and could see the pain in his face
A weak smile tugged at her pale lips
He bent his ear to her to hear her whispery words
He was so filled with agonizing emotion

“You have always been my sunshine
All my days and nights were lit with your love
Never think for one moment you failed me
But as you know, sooner or later, the sun must set

The time has come for my sunset
And now when you see it … you shall see me
I will be vibrant as you remember
And you will forget the ugliness of death.”



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