Spent Dream

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I need to lighten my heart it seems and here I can go for only dreams. For in the dream my heart has wings and I can fly to the extents of my being. Away from the noise and daily things, strip away my clothes and run naked with you. Touch your skin and you touch mine, explore pleasures and physical things. Taste your being and feel your rush, bring you to the edge and hold you to it I must. For here I shut the door and the world is gone, close my eyes and hear the song. Of you cooing and breathing hard, gasping for air as the rush come on.

Feel your body go oh-so hard, then leap on this bed till the rush is gone. But shall it be over I think not so, for once again the rush is on. Climbing the stairs to once more the rush comes on and you beg that I stop for you can take no more. But you must it seems I have my turn, slowly I go and come back again. Our body match and then fall apart. again and again till I too feel the rush and then you can feel the warmth of my lust. But life is not fair or so it may seem, for you can have many and I just one. But you do pleases and promise me this.

Giving me time and then you bring me up, I lay back and you give me more. I find that your skill is all that I need. To feel the growing and the rush again is me. Twice now I come its true, the night is heavy but my flow be true. You laugh then giggle at the sight, for there is whiteness in this pale moon light.

We lay together and feel the glow, one man and one woman for now is all we know. Shall we dance upon this bed? Maybe tomorrow or when ever instead, for now we are spent and desire is a memory.

So fulfill we are, it is but a brief history. The door will open and the bright day light shines through, but when the time is right and we need to close out the day. Together we will find a new way to play, I touch you here and you touch me there. bring on the rush and then both the rush we can share, I know a secret one that men should share. For a woman on fire is the ride of your life, get her going and hold on for dear life.

But now I am finished and well my dream is spent, life grabs hold and the heart is once more to deal with the weight. Thank you for sharing this dream and this time, for in this room it belongs to you and it is mine.

Hugs and kisses—bring out that sensuality.


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