The Statue of Liberty

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City, park, square, sculpture

People, population, crowd  

People in the squares

Crowd in the parks

Every body comes and sees sculptures

They admire and enjoy seeing sculptures

What a beautiful face he has made for it!

What a fantastic style he has chosen for it!

What an excellent delicacy!

I’m one of those sculptures

People see my appearance but

Who knows my feeling?

Where are you, my sculptor?

What was your feeling when you created me?

Why did you think I am the best?

I have no choice

I don’t have any movement

I don’t  have any thing

You have chosen this destination for me

I’m doomed because of you

I’m tired

I’m a captive in the time, in the place, and in the shape  

If I could shout, my sound would gone to the sky

Even you didn’t give me this ability

Can I complain?

I don’t want beauty

I don’t want especial style

I don’t want delicacy

I want just freedom

Why do you created me?   


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