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Loosen your grip
Let it fall to the ground
Walk away
Forget the sound
The hurtful words,
Leave them behind
The pain they cause
Will fade in time
That stranger will call
from time to time
Don’t pick up the phone
Let sleeping dogs lie
These matters of life
They come and go
Let it roll off your shoulders
You’ll reap what you sow
You hear those words
But don’t pick up that stone
Let it be
Just leave it alone
What will it do?
How will it help?
Refuse the fight
Save yourselves
Don’t be the same
Don’t be cruel
Turn your cheek
Don’t be a fool
For fools only give
One thing in life
They don’t give love
Only strife
You’re not a bigger person
You’re not better than them
We all make mistakes
But don’t give them the upper hand


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