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Supreme Serenity and Pampering in Baja, Mexico

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When you want to stop time, ease your racing mind, escape commercial distractions, and glide around within dark blue infinity pools, the Las Ventanas al Paraiso hotel in Baja, Mexico should be your number one choice for a leisure destination. The resort surpasses every standard of luxury vacationing you could ever imagine. The only sounds I heard during my stay were chirping birds and waterfalls. Never before have I experienced a resort that values serenity and quietude with such fervor. When I arrived at the hotel and saw no signage, busy bell desk or huge reception area, I wondered if I was in the right spot – a hotel with such a spectacular reputation that attracts the biggest celebrities in the world must have a bloated sense of pride and over-the-top branding messages, right? Not Las Ventanas. I soon learned that every design element incorporates local and natural components – like ceilings lined in tree branches and stepping stone pathways through desert and cactus gardens. The soft white stucco and open air architecture reminded me of Santorini, an island in Greece. Overlooking the property that houses 71 spacious suites, I saw a Jacuzzi and pool at each building. Every suite has a telescope, patio with ocean view, fireplace, jet bathub, butler service and an extensive entertainment center.

I had a delicious lunch at Sea Grille, one of the numerous outdoors restaurants on the property. Listening to ocean waves a hundred feet from me, I delighted in grilled sea bass encrusted in pumpkin seeds and warm Mexican pita bread. Small and personal details were all around me – a chair beside me for my pocketbook, Mexican pottery to hold soft drink cans, a candle to keep the flies away from the seafood, and hammocks on the beach covered by thatched roofed huts. Later I toured the wine cellar where private dinner parties can be arranged, especially perfect for small rehearsal dinner parties.

Although I’m not close to getting married, I can still say with full confidence that Las Ventanas is my first choice for the ultimate honeymoon vacation.



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