Swearing Here Could Cost You $250

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Stub your toe? @$#%%!

In July 2009, scientists at Keele University in the UK concluded that swearing can help reduce pain. In fact, it was found that those who swore in reaction to pain could endure pain 50 percent longer than those who didn’t swear.

Tell that to Virginia Beach!

No swearing, cursing, or profanity in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach has long been known as a top family vacation destination for many Americans and Canadians alike. Kids and teens freely wander the streets, have fun in the sun, and hang out in groups around ice cream shops.

If you visit Virginia Beach today, you’ll along Atlantic Avenue, its main strip, signs that say “No Swearing” or “No Profanity.”

These signs aren’t just friendly reminders—they are actually the law!

The “No Cursing” Law was put in place in the early 1990’s in Virginia Beach as part of a “Beach Behavior Campaign” meant for the community and local police to keep a handle on any wild behavior. Just recently, the local government installed speakers on lampposts along the oceanfront which play easy listening music throughout the day.

Is the no-swearing rule actually enforced?

When you’re vacationing in Virginia Beach today, you’ll see police chaplains patrolling the Oceanfront, the boardwalk, and Atlantic Avenue areas to ensure that youth and teens are following the No Cursing or No Profanity Law.

One example we found of an enforcement of this rule, known as a Class 4 misdemeanor: A 15-year-old girl who had been caught using a four-letter word stringed multiple times throughout a sentence received a ticket: $250 and 10 days of community service.

In conclusion: keep your mouth clean when you’re in Virginia Beach!

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