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I am a Southern American and he is from Scotland. We met quite by chance when he was in America on a business trip. I fell in love with him immediately, and he fell in love with me.

We were not kids or even middle aged, but quickly heading for the golden years. I already had grandchildren when we met.

Over a period of twelve years, we had many adventures in many countries. We were both in a position to travel, so he would come to the US and we would visit places and experience things he had wanted to do, but had not had the opportunity prior to our meeting. When I would go to Europe, he was my personal guide to all the wonderful places he loved to visit, the countries and cities I wanted to visit, and areas and things we both wanted to visit and experience.

One place that stands out in my mind that was really amazing and wonderful to me was our visit to Montreau, Switzerland. This city on Lake Geneva is beautiful with all the outside gardens and quaint village town. Montreau is not however a village. It is the site of many international events.

I don’t remember the name of the hotel where we stayed, but I do remember the first morning we were there.

As you can imagine, hotels take great care in their ability to keep the rooms warm, especially when it is snowing. The room had shutters on the windows that kept out the light as well as cold air and were mechanical. Just like in a James Bond movie, we could open the shutters electrically by simply pushing a button.

I was laying there under the warm covers and as the shutters opened they displayed the most beautiful site I had ever seen. It was like being in a movie. As the shutters slowly opened, there out the window were the Alps. They were gray with snow covered tops against the most beautiful blue sky with wisps of white clouds gently being moved by a breeze.

I have never experienced a more wonderful sensation. I felt as though I was looking at heaven.

The food there was exquisite and we enjoyed our walks through the gardens and riding on Lake Geneva in the site-seeing boat. We even rode up Mt. Roche on a cog train and ate in a restaurant on top of the mountain that had one wall made of glass so you could watch hang-gliders leaping from the mountain heights and gently floating by the window.

We never married, but still keep in touch and express our love to each other.


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