Take Your Kids and Explore Your World

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Due to the economic conditions, my company’s contracts took a big reduction in scope. This company didn’t take the easy way out and lay off. They offered us assignments in other parts of the country and world as temporary positions. I took one of the positions offered and traveled 732 miles from home leaving four kids behind since October 22, 2009. I am gearing up for at least eight more weeks in Chambersburg, PA. On this trip up though, I did something different. Instead of taking the easy way out myself and fly. I chose to offer my kids a deal of driving up with me and then driving back themselves. They are twenty, seventeen, and sixteen, all with jobs and all in college. So New Year’s Eve we get up at 4:00 a.m. and proceed to pile my kids, myself, the family rat terrier, an eleven-year-old cousin, enough luggage to be buried under where no one could move into a Suzuki Reno for a thirteen-hour drive. It was nothing short of grueling.

However, it was worth it. We are staying at an old elegant Victorian bed and breakfast called Lillie’s Garden. She has been wonderful. Yesterday we took the kids to see D.C. They had their first experience at pay toilets, which was amusing to see the look on the girls’ faces. We spent time in the Holocaust Museum. That is always very profound; it isn’t nice nor is it pleasant. It is not meant to be but it is something that doesn’t need to be forgotten or it could happen again. Just being in D.C. is an experience all Americans should have at least one time. I could have taken the easy way and flown comfortably but I was compelled to share the experience of a lifetime with my children. Coming to D. C. was something I thought I could never afford to do. Let alone bring the whole family. It struck the kids and I both that most of the tourists there were foreigners. How many people out there live among rich national history and never explore it? Corinth, MS, Shiloh, TN, Huntsville, AL all have a rich history. I could name thousands more. Take your kids; explore your world. That is the best education they could get.


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