Tanka Poems

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This is who I am
not the person you think I am
and not who I was
I change, not always better
but not always for the worse.

Flower petals fade
as do vivid dreams of love
memories soon die
but echoes of your love song
fill my soul when morning comes

Autumn morning sun
shining through thinning branches
many years ago
I watched with anticipation
now I shiver in the cold

Waiting in the car
composing tanka poems
mastering a form
painting thoughts with phrases
and images with syllables

Olivia sits near
my daughter’s little Shitzu
Patient and ready
to walk along the avenue
without concerns or care

I listen to songs
waiting for the bus to come
being a parent
is mostly waiting for them
being there when it is time

I often wonder
what purpose to I serve here
then life interferes
and lofty thoughts of fancy
are lost in the reality


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