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I admit if you’re talking about

Green pieces of mint paper with dead presidents on them

Then yeah, they don’t make a whole lot


However, I do know one that makes millions

He has a pocket full of change

Changes he makes in other peoples lives

Not only in their hearts but in their minds

And to tell you the truth

His only tool

It’s no secret

It’s Honesty


For he’ll make me display all my work

Not because he does believe me … oh no

But just to help me illustrate my path to success

All my imperfections and flaws

Are no match for his articulate mixture of the red ink

That crosses throughout my page of life


He can make me

He can break me

He can make my knees tremble in fear every time he calls my name


And then surprise me with two words … “Good-job”


He can make me believe that raising my grade from a “D” to a “C” in Econ

Is a Medal of Honor

And he can make me feel one inch tall for lowing my grade from a “B” to a “C” in English


“A lazy person can never find time, but an industrious person can always make time”

Then turns around and gives me a hug for getting the top grade on the semester final

But I didn’t do it alone

Spending Fridays after school

Making sure I had all I need to study for the test over the weekend


And when I say over and over again…

“I can’t, I can’t, I CAN’T DAMN IT!”

He slams the book on the table and says,



He makes me mean every word

He makes me think which path to take

He makes me question myself and those around me

He makes me analyze all my flaws, but never, never lets me devalue my worth


He makes me makes me spell words

Words that at first I didn’t even knew existed

And finally told me that “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” isn’t a real word

And that “Antidisestablishmentarianism” is

He makes me spell and pronounce words that are difficult

Over and Over and Over Again


He makes Lawyers, Lawyers

He makes Doctors, Doctors

He makes a fortune with every classroom he instructs and every student he encounters

You don’t know how you could ever get along with out him


Teachers are the ones who make millions

Teachers are the ones who make a difference in the lives of many

Including mine

That’s the fortune; try taking that to the BANK!




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