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10 Pool Toys For Adults

  • Floating Pool Speaker

    The Audio Unlimited Wireless Floating Pool Speaker is a tiny device that emits a huge sound. The water-resistant speaker floats in your pool or hot tub to ensure your time in the water has the perfect soundtrack. ($95.99;

  • Floating Fountain

    This floating LED pool fountain sprays decorative streams of red-, yellow-, or blue-illuminated water up to 16 feet in the air. It features a variety of water patterns and simply attaches to the pool’s return line without any special wiring or plumbing required. It’s the perfect addition to a romantic evening in the water. ($59;

  • Aquatic Art

    Turn your pool into a work of art with this Game 3555 Underwater Light Show. Rotating LEDs emit continually evolving patterns of light and color on the bottom and sides of your pool and automatically shut off after one hour to save battery power. ($15;

  • Take a Dunk

    The NBA Logo Portable Basketball Game allows you to enjoy hours of pool-basketball games. It’s made of durable steel and has a steel-framed polycarbonate backboard. It’s fun for the whole family, or just for the adults. _($329.99,_ "_Toysplash)_":
  • Pool Volleyball Is the New Beach Volleyball

    Get your game on while staying cool in the water. The Anaconda Pool Volleyball System is easy to set up and is guaranteed to last for a “lifetime” of use, even in the water and sun. So bring on the heat! ($249.99; Toysplash)

  • Get a Bikini Bod ... in Your Bikini

    A pool workout can be more than swimming laps. The Super Soft 6-Piece Fitness Set includes two barbells, a pair of ankle wraps, a swim bar, and a foam flotation belt to work all major muscle groups. It’s fun and, because you’re in the water, safer for your joints than working out in the gym. ($149.99; Toysplash)

  • A Lounge That Goes from Patio to Pool

    This armless Sonoma Chaise Lounger is two chairs in one. It’s made of solid foam with an all-weather PVC rattan surface that fits as well on the patio as it does in the water. And when you’ve had enough sun for the day, just fold it up for easy storage. _($159.99,_ "_Toysplash)_":
  • Make the Pool Your Outdoor Living Room

    The Solstice Aqua Sofa is as comfortable as your living room couch, but it floats! It features a luxurious fabric top and pillows and inflates easily with a high-capacity rechargeable air pump. ($149.99; Amazon)

  • Kick Back and Relax

    The Poolmaster Rio Sun Adjustable Floating Chaise Lounge automatically adjusts from a full upright position to a full reclining position and everything in between. It’s cushioned and supportive and has built-in drink holders and side trays for sunglasses, sun block, snacks, or your summertime reads. ($199.99; Amazon)

  • Pool Time Is BYOB

    It’s not summer without a cold drink nearby, so keep your cooler with you in the pool with the RiverRough Cooler Raft. It’s large enough to hold a full-size cooler, and it also includes four cup holders on the sides. Four strong vinyl handles and two rope ties ensure that your drinks won’t end up in the pool. ($39.77; Toysplash)


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