Ten things I love about My ponies

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1. My ponies are being used to help develop an exciting new breed in the United States: The Miniature Gypsy Horse!

2. My ponies are a joy to my soul every day that I can look at them, touch them and interact with them.

3. My ponies are beautiful spirits inside and out: they have gentle, friendly souls that bring me a sense of peace.

4. My ponies range in size from 13.2 hands tall (my purebred gypsy cob mare,Bellbottom Truffles)to as little as about 34" tall (miniature horse mares).

5. My ponies now exist in a large range of colors, although the herd started with simply black and white (piebald) pinto or tobiano pattern colors, with roan expression in a couple; we are building in new genetics with other color miniature horse mares.

6. My ponies are chosen for good temperament, excellent conformation and good general health.

7. My ponies are available for purchase in a variety of ways; now offering some new options as far as breeding leases.

8. My ponies are sired by some of the smallest purebred gypsy cob stallions in the USA: The Executive is a 12.3 hand tall son of the famous Producer stallion and he is homozygous for black and tobiano/pinto. Wyatt is our younger up-and-coming star being only 12 hands tall and a beautiful black stallion. Both will likely be available for AI semen sales in 2013. Inquire from our website:

9. My ponies are fun to write about and read about:

10. My ponies can be your ponies some day! Give me a call! 309-540-0181


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