Theirs No Subs To Toot Fore Edge You Case Shun

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Came up with that one day while playing, and liked it so much I had it printed on sticky notes. [The writer’s neurotic ego revealed.]

Then, there’s the word "snicking", from a blurb on Robert MacNeil’s Wordstruck, which in context enchanted me, guided me to buying it, enabled slow lavishing in it from cover-to-cover, made me snail mail him my enchantment, and brought me his snail mailed thanks. Deliberately, I’ve never sought to research the word. If it existed before he used it, I don’t wanna know. It perfectly relays the sound he heard as a boy, out his Nova Scotia bedroom window as the tide receded, which anyone who’s ever walked a beach and seen the sound in process has heard.

Then there’s the childhood tongue-twister, "Rubber Muddy Dirty Baby Buggy Bumper." My car is ugly.  So now it’s on my front bumper, small enough not to shout, with "Sticker" added. I get sidewalk smiles in my small town, since parking is still head-in.  My contention is lemonade from lemons. 

If you love words, you might enjoy Word Slinger, a desktop game for deliberate distraction and mulling while playing.




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