They Call It Summer

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Whew! Finally summer is here …

I moved recently to the U.K. from India and it was like coming from a boiling pot to a freezer.

I landed here in September when you could still call a day a day and night a night, so it was not too tough to settle down. Weather wise it was mild and quite a bit like India in the beginning of winter.

As winter approached and trees turned bare the days started becoming shorter and the cold fiercer. To top it all, the university campus is away from the city on a hill with breathtaking views of meadows and rolling grasslands. Since I was so used to seeing the sun rise and set at certain times, at first it was weird to see the sun rising at 9 a.m. and set at 3 p.m.

Even though I prefer cold to any other weather it was bone numbing especially the famous British rain, which can pour down at any given time. After surviving the first British winter I am definitely looking forward to the summer.

The hint of summer is already here—the days are longer and we still have sunlight at dinner time, with the sun setting at 8.30 p.m. There is a splash of colour in the gardens and the pathways are lined with yellow and white daffodils.

I had always read about the Brits being famous for discussing weather every time they met. I guess the unpredictable climate makes them do it, so being here how could I miss an opportunity to talk about it too.


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