Things That Get Caught in the Drain!

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The sink at my house has many features you see
and purposes to deliver
but there's one thing about it that bothers me,
that makes my frame shutter and quiver.
My bathtub is larger than that for sure
its purposes larger still
but the same peril lies there as well for me
it stresses and haunts my will.
A dark hole sits at the end of my tub
in my sink it sits at the bottom.
What horrors lie in the darkness below?
What ever, that damn thing has caught 'em!
Paranoia sets in as that dark hole I spy,
beckoning all the things I have dropped.
It lies in wait to be fed I am sure,
sucking all, it just can’t be stopped!
The lid off the toothpaste, Dam it again! 
My tweezers some hair and some soap.
My God is that my flashlight down there?
Better get a hook and some rope!
It's not the retrieval of things I have lost,
such a strain and a tedious work.  
It's fishing in the darkness that bothers me,
where slimy and creepy things lurk!
All alone I step in the bathtub,
it's that hole that my conscience distains.
Dam things sucked down all but me;
at the far end I stand and complain.
Paranoia sets in as that dark hole I spy
and I think to myself it's insane!
A one eyed Cyclops licking his lips,
that black hole, my monster, my drain.
Tomorrow too is a drain of a kind,
in its clutches lie fear and loss,
and slimy and creepy things caught in the dark,
sucking life your soul it can toss.
The fears of that hole I've created,
I struggle and worry in vain!
Of loss and turmoil unending,
My God. My Tomorrow, My Drain!
There is a difference between the two,
a quality one can touch and feel,
for one sings out as it swallows its prey,
the other, well, and it just isn't real!
Why do we surrender our hopes and dreams
to a villain so deep and dark?
We stand and watch and worry it seams
and with lines our faces are marked!
At the end of our tubs or the end of our lives
a strange vortex lies in distain.
Both suck and take, but only one is real,
My Monster, My Cyclops, My Drain.


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