Thinking Healthy Food~

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There is a little bright yellow house off in the distance, beyond Esplanade, that beckons as I turn the corner, off of St. Ann ~onto Chartres. I can barely see it, but I know it is there, by the bit of sunlight that flickers more with each step. I pause, as I circle 'round Muriel's, then hurry past that little side street, Madison..~~The airport shuttle made great time today, ~I'm partially unpacked up in my room, giving some leisure time to my sometimes rush, over to Frenchmen Street.~Only today I'm on a hunt for some very HEALTHY FOOD!I quickly cross Dumaine, and my little yellow house is taking on that 'magnificent glow' as I've imagined it for months, back home. ~Here's St. Philip Street, with a place on the corner where once I stayed.. Many the times I hauled my box of clothes to and from the postal pick-up, over at it's further corner! I've often been, on this street before… Here comes Ursuline, followed by Gov. Nicholls For this I must pause, remembering the pleasure given me by that church to the right, that offered a variety of music on my crowded schedule at last year's Festival! ~And this Beauregard-Keyes house, on my left, that captivates me every time I enter.. Thank Goodness the time is beyond their visiting hours,
or I'd be tempted to enter; which would have made me late for dinner!
Now I cross Esplanade, once proclaimed in music, as the 'most favorite and beautiful' by my friend, Tim ~before changing his allegiance to Royal Street as such, once he made his home, over there..~~I often call it 'The Esplanade' ~with that soft 'a', making me think of Keith Lockhart's Boston Pops playing there on 4th of July.. But I do digress AGAIN..~As I was saying, Guys, I'm across Esplanade (with a 'hard a') and the little yellow cottage is just ahead.. I'm almost up to Frenchmen Street, where I can start looking for THAT restaurant I was told about, with exceedingly Healthy Food!!It should be 'somewhere' ahead on Frenchmen, in this Marigny area of New Orleans. I almost (but not quite) know its name, sounded like 'Nona' or 'Mona' or maybe 'Nola'? I should have asked that musician for 'some clarity'~to help me on my Culinary Adventure!~~I'm still on Chartres,~~'think I'll turn left on Frenchmen!

~~thatwas LAST APRIL, I turned left, searched, but To No AVAIL!! It is nowthe following October,and I'm still searching for that 'Mediterranean-style', very healthy restaurant.. This time I decided to walk the 'more lively route' on DecaturStreet,turned left onto Frenchmen, and within a few store fronts, there it was! Mona's Cafe!~If only I had turned right off of Chartres last April,,I might have found it then!! ~But 'Better Late Than Never' is a wise old saying, ~so I went in: Gawking and Sniffing over the shelved items, making my way to tables and chairs; while I could see a perky blonde lady following me 'with her eyes'wondering if I was going to 'land somewhere', ~or what! That was Melanie , whom I consider my personal waitress.. She talked me through the menu, served me a soup, salad, dessert, and iced tea that had little pieces floating in it, that I sipped right up the straw and into my mouth! That was my introduction to 'pine nuts', so yummy that I bought a large container of them to send home. (not the iced tea, just the pine nuts). But a few days laterI did tryto buy the hot black tea I was served.. I think it was Tiffany, another waitress, who laughed and said, 'that wouldn't be possible, since it is ablack tea with 'other' ingredients,that is kept boiling back in the kitchen!'
Melanie introduced me to her boss, once I determined she wasn't Mona.. I asked if he was Mr. Mona? He laughed, saying, "Mona was his Grandmother, who started the business." I told them it was a local musician who advised me to 'stop by Mona's; but so many musical locals love their food, ~they could only guess, ~who it was, sent me!! I made several more trips to Mona's, before it was time to fly back home; during one, I left them this message: "I went walking to find MONA'S, ~Where I loved your feta and olives!"
Now to YOU Guys, I give this advice:turn left off of Decatur, or~ turn right off of Chartreswhen coming down to Frenchmen Street from The Quarter, and you will find:Bon Appetite in Mona's ~~and 'A Bientot' ~to you All, ~~from me…. !!The END!!


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