Thought from a Hurricane

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Wind if blowing
Rain is pouring
While I was sleeping
When I was snoring
Some lightning struck
My wife woke up
Then I was elbowed in the gut
I wanted to go back to bed
But watched the news instead

On days like these some wish for the sun
Others are glad that the rain has come
No one knows where the storm is going
Where it has been is clearly showing
Heavy winds and rain from squalling
Houses, bridges, and trees are falling
Mudslides and floods are taking lives
Others are fighting just to stay alive

It makes you look at yourself in a different way
We can be here right now and gone the next day
Life itself is very fragile
On land, in the sea, every man, woman, and child
We all have a part to play as well
So the next generation has some good stories to tell


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