Tiger’s Tale: From the Desk of Lolits

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“Enough already!” Let’s stop the incessant commentaries on Tiger and his transgressions/infidelities. These hours of speculation do little other than feed the media and the public’s insatiable appetite for stories of failings and wrongdoings. Did he do wrong? “Yes.” he says. 

Has he paid a price? Of course, and the final tab— money, family, and self—won’t be fully known, if ever, for the foreseeable future.

Will his withdrawal, temporary or permanent, affect the PGA and earnings of others? That may be the case. On the other hand, it should give those seasoned (and sometimes complaining) golfers a chance to win and also give rise to a whole new group of talented young golfers.  

The Tiger episode has given me two different perspectives. 

The first is this:

Tiger’s situation is, in some ways, a take-off of the Wizard of Oz. 

He has created an imaginary wall of protection to protect himself from contact with the general masses. From behind that wall Tiger speaks. 

Or does he? In reality, only a select few know anything about how or where Tiger is. For all we know, he could: a) be recovering from serious injuries b) be in Sweden or elsewhere, or c) be in a coma or worse. 

He may be like the Wizard of Oz and not be a wizard at all or, like the Wizard, just a toothless tiger. 

We often overlook the fact that the internet is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it creates vast opportunities for privacy; on the other, it creates corresponding opportunities for others to strip us completely of privacy.  

My second perspective relates to Tiger’s Foundation Web site. 

It is of extreme importance that all claims and statements posted on the Web site be accurate. I have just read Tiger’s current comments about the Foundation and the extent of its successes. I wonder whether the following comment is accurate:  

… there are millions of young people who have truly changed their lives’ through the Foundation’s programs and millions more counting on us. 

If these comments are actually true, I would ask the Foundation to publish documents that support the claim. I question the figures based upon my own experience as the executive director of numerous community agencies that served young people. 

My quick analysis, based upon the creation of the Foundation in 1996 and the thirteen or so years of its existence, is that the Foundation would have had to be involved significantly with over 150,000 different individuals annually to accomplish this feat. 

With such documentation, Tiger might be better served and, also provide a much more important service to the Nation, by retiring from golf permanently and patenting the methodology that his Foundation is using. He would be providing a way for the Nation to turn young people’s lives around—a goal that many community agencies have been unable to reach despite decades of effort and, at the same time, ensure himself of substantial earnings over his lifetime. 

By Lolits (litte old lady in tennis shoes) for FemmeFan


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