Time Between Advent and Lent (Part 2)

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II. “Wings”
Once I woke when sunlight pierced my eyelids,
Then a grateful pray’r sprang to my lips.
Once I leapt in faith amazed that grace could feel
So free to me. Buoyant as a child’s balloon,
My mind, my heart, my soul at once could be!
Hard to hold, such joyful heart without profane extremity …
So again I floundered: Icarus’ kin I came to be.

Time, that man-made whim, wends its way unseen:
Metronomal multi-seconds mark what might have been.
Past, but fading mem’ry: future, but a dream;
Present moment poignant, sandwiched in between.
Choice, part mine to take, acceptance, mostly mine;
Surrender, mine to make, and yet I would decline…

Still, the exaltation,
Once felt, would not, could not flee;
Spirit-led is still the way I hope, I pray, I long my life … will be.

(*to “S.C.” who thinks coincidence is “cool”
and to two “spiritual mentors” of mine, (both named “Sharon”) who suggest –convincingly—that “There is no such thing as “coincidence.”) Thank you both for your poems.-S.C


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