Top Ten Places to Visit While on a Group Travel

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Traveling is always fun, especially when it is with friends! Group traveling is one of the best ways to go on holiday. While traveling alone, you can do everything by yourself, according to your own wish; you have the complete freedom to do whatever you want. And as the number is few, maybe one or two family members, so the expenditure is less, and people usually spend quite a bit of money, to get the best experience, and visit the best places, but when traveling in a group, budget is a very important factor, and the places too. But who wants to miss out the fun? So here are some tips for the ten best places in the world, cheap and fun with friends!

Sri Lanka: The trade capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, is one very popular city to be visited in Sri Lanka. The Face Green Promenade and The Statue of Buddha are awesome! The people there are very helpful and friendly.

India: India is a great place to visit with friends! If you are looking for a place with loads of fun with a little amount of budget, then India would top the list. They have many kinds of culture customs, each city is with different traditions, culture, and a different way of living. And the food, accommodations and travel are very cheap compared to the other countries in the world.

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro! One of the most attractive places of Brazil, and that’s what draws the crowd in! Amazing natural beauties, it’s not the only place though Serra National Park is also amazing! And of course, the Amazon jungle, thrilling, and beautiful looks of the nature.

Greece: Summer is the best time to visit Greece. Its ancient ruins, incredible food, charm and royalty, lure tourists in!

Portugal: If you want to have the taste of the Mediterranean flavor, but don’t have the budget to go to Spain or Italy, then Portugal is the right place for you! Traveling is cheap in Lisbon, than other cities. Visit Algarve for wonderful beaches and scenes!

Mexico: Mexico is awesome, and very cheap. There you can get hotels and B&B at excellent prices. Try to see the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, and if there’s time then go to white water rafting in Veracruz.

Morocco: Henna – camels and sand equals to a great amount of unique fun! It is like a paradise, the key work is to learn about their culture and see incredible sights!

Croatia: It’s an illusion of richness! If its summer then don’t miss out Dubrovnik. A large summer festivals goes out throughout July! And the restaurants and hotels are real cheap!

Bali: It is Indonesia’s pride, and joy! With its entire long beaches, tropical jungles, caves, volcano and museums, it attracts tourists. Head out for a dinner and a Balinese Dance!

Peru: Beaches, Rain forests, and ruins. You don’t need any plans, just take some hiking shoes, a map and a little Spanish dictionary!


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