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I had been in the Army for the last past twenty-eight years, with that being prior service (active duty) and the United States Army Reserves. I decided that I had been at the most “All I can be.” And in laymen terms I was fit to be tired, besides truly wanting do something else. So I retired and I did not feel bad doing so because I had gave Uncle Sam a great portion of my life. I did two or three mobilizations after September 11 (Operations Enduring Freedom 2002–2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004–2007).

Once I got out the army I was so oriented into believing things happens in the order or cadence or the presentation you put them, I realize I was stuck in a zone I could not get out of. I had my life so planned when I left the army … I wanted to have my own jewelry line, of some things I drew up for a prestart, I wanted to write a book about a woman being in the military called “Bringing  up the Rear,” and then I ended up with  not really wanting to return to my civilian job—a teaching job as a Apprenticeship teacher. I just felt after being gone so long a lot of my time was lost … I had lined up a civilian contractor’s job overseas to go to Kuwait to be Transportation Management Coordinator, got the job, I would say in about 2–3 days from summiting my resume, talked to the hiring personnel from overseas. He gave me the job on the spot, then I guess not really being back in the states in such a long time, stateside life … I wanted to stay, that is here in Los Angeles. I missed it, so I did not take the job, not knowing the consequences I will be facing thereof. Prior before all this, when the army promoted me overseas, they had already prepositioned me into being sent back with a top job position but doing a year or more with a training unit, so I felt my promotion just was more of a additive to sending me back, when I was only trying to leave this transition. And I learned transitioning was not easy, does not always go as planned, and sometimes it leads you questioning your quest. But believe, stay prayed up, have patience—there is something unique and different for you … your transition is on the other side of where you are trying to get to and it maybe unknown, not your spree decor, but it is a start … so begin …


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