The Tricky Business of Choosing Your Afghan Colors

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Knitting or crocheting your own afghan is one of the greatest accomplishments you can have. It takes a lot of skill to be able to put such a beautiful piece together. Afghan patterns come in all shapes and sizes along with different stitches. You can also choose any color you wish too. There are so many colored skeins out there whether you’re looking for solid colored yarn or multi-colored, there is something for everyone.

Making an afghan for your home really adds to the decor. Let’s say you want an afghan for yourself that you know you’re going to keep in your living room. What color walls do you have? Do you have plain white walls, colored walls or textured? If you have plain white walls you might want to choose a multi-colored yarn so it will add some color and detail to your room. If your walls are brightly colored then you might want to stick with a solid color so it won’t get too crazy in there.

If you’re wanting to make a ripple afghan it would be neat to choose more than one color that way your pattern will stick out more easily. If you’re making an afghan for a baby then soft colors are more appropriate. You usually don’t see very bold colors for babies. For girls you usually see a light pale pink and for boys a light baby blue color. Yellow can be used for a boy or girl as it’s a neutral color.

This Classic Ripple Afghan uses a few different colors and it looks great. It allows you to see the zig zag pattern. Choosing your yarn colors for an afghan is really all about you and your taste. Afghans truly are a home decor piece so you can choose your colors according to your home’s design.

If you know you want your afghan to be more than one color but you just can’t decide what would look good together then check out a color wheel. These are charts that easily tell you what colors best fit each other. Contrasting colors are directly across from each other on the wheel whereas if you’re looking for something unusual you can choose colors of the same value. Each color is labeled with a number on the color wheel, so you can just choose the same number for a unique afghan.

You can also choose your afghan colors according to your mood and style. If you’re a cheerful person then you can use a yellow color. If you’re passionate, you can go with red. Blues are usually soothing and calming while greens can be cool or vibrant. Get to know your inner-self and start making your afghan.


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