Turkey Neck and Fat Wings

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I can see clearly now that joining a triathlon team was a bad idea. I cannot believe I sunk my teeth into this! I should be smarter and more discriminating by this phase of my life. I have worked out consistently everyday for a week. Each day I’m biking, swimming, running, or lifting weights. And do you know what I noticed today? When I rest my arms, just let them hang there, they don’t hang straight down. Instead they are at an angle so that they can rest comfortably against the fat wings I’m apparently growing under my arms. I’m horrified. I just hope to God they help me with my open water swim!

Its times like these that I wish I had cancer so I could take off a few pounds. I know that’s wrong. Perhaps I just want the chemo, without the cancer on the side. In any event, I’m in this Triathlon with My Bitches no matter what. That’s what a commitment is: doing what you say you’re going to do. Its also being who you say you are.

I did a ten-mile bike ride today with my teammate Nelly. She had the nerve to wake me up at 8:36 a.m. to ask if I’d like to ride. I told her that my mind thought it was a good idea, but my body dislikes her intensely. After six cups of coffee and some kind of energy bar that seemed like a candy bar to me, I put on my bike pants and my helmet. That’s when my first triathlon injury occurred: I snapped some of my loose skin from my turkey neck right into the buckle. Snap. “Crap!” I yelled. My daughter looked at me like my hair was on fire. “I snapped my neck skin in the buckle!” I pleaded pathetically whilst hoping for a little pity. She looked at me like it was no big deal and said, “Oh yeah, that happens to me sometimes.” Little, lying ten-year-old girls do not have enough turkey skin under their soft little chins to be victimized by such a catastrophe. She’s always trying to be like me.

Nelly and I rode around for about an hour. She was patient and fun to be with. She laughed at all of my jokes and didn’t laugh at me when I had to walk my bike on narrow pathways and walk up the big hills. When we got back home she WD40’d my chain and told me we’d have to do this twice a week.

Nelly’s a good person to know. She always follows through on her commitments to family and friends. She just gets up a little too early, that’s all.



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