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Turning Fifty – Where to Celebrate?

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When I turned fifty I had been a widow for five years and I had just became a GRANDMA! I wanted to celebrate but I couldn’t get anyone to agree with how. I wanted to go somewhere I had never gone and sounded like it would be nothing but FUN. I needed some FUN. A local TV and radio station was getting a group together to go to Las Vegas for four days and three nights and the price was perfect. The plane took off from a local airport so it was real convenient to have someone pick up my car, then come to get me on my return. I packed with trepidation put in my mind by skeptical friends and family members who thought I would never return. That was so funny now that I think of it. I never felt as safe, alone, up until that time. Everywhere I went was a new adventure. I hardly gambled at all, just a bit at the slots. I went to every single casino both new and old on the strip and I did more walking than I ever did anywhere. As a matter of fact I think I lost about six pounds those few days for I would not take time to eat for I thought I would miss something. I went to a few shops and bought a few really cool different things that I actually still have. I met a lot of nice people and still e mail a couple from Texas that I had dinner with on the Saturday evening I was there. This is funny … that was the sweetest day and in 2005 I married my new husband on that day! So, going away alone can be fun for you can come and go as you please with no restrictions. You can eat when and where you wish. To say the least, it was one of my most memorable times in my life as a single person. The day I met my husband was the only one besides becoming a grandma that come close. So, I would say, go away when you can afford to go and have the time, for you may not in the future and that is a shame. I went back for my fifty-second birthday for the same deal with a young woman that had not been there and she loved it too. I know one thing. I will never forget my fiftieth birthday and I never felt as though I was getting older.


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