A Twenty-First Century Gypsy

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I am a twenty-first century gypsy. My drive to travel and move about the globe stems from somewhere very deep within my core. In much the same way the heart beats because it must pump blood and lungs fill because the body needs oxygen, I move because my being needs cultural and geographical stimulation. It’s something I’ve never been able to control, and any attempts I or others have made to do so have floundered and failed.

I move when the timing’s right and the course aligns. This means that I spend a lot of time waiting for my next direction—which for someone who needs constant change can be a real lesson in patience and faith. I’ve left supportive friends, unconditionally loving family, secure homes, and career-oriented jobs because of a calling within that cannot be silenced.

It starts out as a slight mumbling—an incoherent voice that signals the beginnings of a new phase. The time it takes to gleam clarity from this message varies entirely—a week, six months, a year. But when the voice is understood, the path also comes into alignment and the next steps seem to fall into place.

This drive has taken me to different regions, countries, and hemispheres. I’ve travelled unusual terrains, met diverse groups of people, eaten local foods, and shared in cultural rites and rituals. I’ve been challenged by language, rules, customs, and governments. Yet every experience has been worthwhile with a lesson learnt from every encounter.

Travel is my meditation. It keeps me in an ever-present form, stretching every boundary of the physical world … making simple actions often a philosophical exercise.

I have spent more than a decade peddling my way around the globe and I’m far from finished. This world is massive with so many wonders to be uncovered, that one couldn’t possibly do it all in one lifetime. But a twenty-first century gypsy sure can try.


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