Twenty Question Interview: Rich Warren

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1. Where are you from?

I’m a military brat … I spent most of my childhood in Lubbock, TX. 

2. What is your occupation?

Actor, comedian, and writer. Oh yeah, I do some research data processing during the day to help pay the bills. 

3. What is the best thing about working in New York?

The best thing about working in New York is there are so many opportunities for creatively minded people. That’s also the primary drawback … you have to go one hundred miles per hour each day to succeed. That’s why I’m currently in North Carolina. 

4. If you could, what would you change about the city?

I would break Manhattan free and float it about 300 miles south. 

5. What was the strangest thing that happened to you while commuting or traveling?

A woman urinated on me on the PATH train once. She apologized. 

6. Have you ever had a train crush or a love train, plane, bus, etc., episode?

Train crush? That sounds very dangerous! 

7. If you could commit a crime and not get caught, what would it be?

It would probably have something to do with robbing from the rich and giving to the poor … and since I fit squarely into the poor category, I guess I could keep it. 

8. Is your mom a good cook or fabfriggintastic?

My mom makes the best German chocolate cake in the world. Nothing else is edible. 

9. Black, brown, red, or blonde?

Sure. Not necessarily in that order, but sure. 

10. Are you a leg, breast/chest, or ass man/woman?

Breast. Although, on chicken … I’m partial to the thigh. 

11. Men—boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or commando? Women—bikini, thong, hipster, booty/boy shorts, granny panties, or commando?

Boxer briefs … the only significant change in men’s underwear in the last 300 years. 

12. Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate … with vanilla on top. 

13. Favorite dessert?

Blackberry cobbler. 

14. Do you take vitamin supplements?

I take supplements. I’m not sure if there is any vitamin content, however. 

15. If you could have a dinner date with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Susan Fleming (the wife of Harpo Marx) or Janis Joplin. 

16. Favorite music video?

“She’s a Beauty” by The Tubes. That video seriously messed up my childhood. 

17. Favorite music instrument to play or would like to play?

The drums. I just like beating on things. 

18. Biggest pet peeve?

I despise people who smack at the dinner table. I just want to reach over and slap the food right out of their mouths. 

19. Biggest turn on?

Unrepentant laughter. 

20. What is the last question you would like me to ask you? Or you can ask me one question?

You could ask me where I can be seen … go ahead, ask. Thanks for asking, I wasn’t expecting that. I’m playing down south now, not sure when I’ll be getting back to New York. Feel free to take a little vacation, head south and catch my show at various coastal Carolina comedy clubs. All the information can be found at my website.

Endnote from the interviewer and author: I just have to say Rich, I enjoyed your work in Sex and the City; you did a splendid job portraying a delivery guy.


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