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Unicorns and Purity

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The fact that the unicorn is an archetype for purity doesn't mean that unicorns are naive. In "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle, the unicorn realized she hadn't seen other unicorns in a long time and went to seek them.

On her journey she faced many hardships but didn't turn from her goal. Eventually she met a wizard who had spent centuries trying to claim his own unique magic, a scullery maid who was one of the few people who could recognize who she was and the huge, scary Red Bull that had imprisoned her brother and sister unicorns.

She became human for awhile, giving her time in a different form to gain the courage to face her biggest fears. All through the story, Beagle remains true to not only the purity but the deep wisdom contained in the idea of the unicorn.

One legend says that a virgin can lure a unicorn, causing it to be captured or even killed. This to me is an attempt to downplay the power behind true innocence and purity. True innocence and purity, like peace and compassion, are stronger than more offensive energies because it takes great experience and wisdom to wield these tools.

Also, innocence and purity outlast anger, negativity and hatred by simply continuing to resonate the energies of light. This to me is the heart of what a unicorn is and what its archetype means to humankind.

This also negates the idea that a young woman who has not had sex would automatically have any influence over a unicorn or other creature of purity. I think we have evolved enough as a society to realize that being a virgin doesn't automatically make a person pure. In fact, the tie-in with virginity and purity is mainly a male-based, patriarchal conditioning tool that dictates that there are only certain ways that women can be pure. This model also overlooks the fact that there can be and are male virgins as well.

So for me, purity runs a lot deeper than a fragile kind of innocence that borders on ignorance. For me, purity is at the heart of each of us. We each have the opportunity to seek out our own innocence and deep wisdom of purity through the experiences life offers.


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