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The more I resist

The more I obsess,

It’s overpowering and heady,

Enthrallingly tempting

What do I do now?

Like candy just left out in the open

No one will ever know

If I take only one

Though I really want the whole bowl


 I can’t risk being caught

There is too much at stake

I don’t want this to be on the record

Of the many mistakes I’ve made


My mind stages a show of puppets

“What-if’s and maybes” like marionettes

A torturous game

Of possibility and regret

For a moment, I manage to let go

Then it sneaks up while I’m defenseless

Catching me and setting my world aglow


I plot and I plan and I fight

But exhaustively admit

I’m in a web of my own making

And the harder I struggle,

The more tangled I get


I can’t stop the temptation

Like an addict with one more drink

Stealing it just one more time

For a rush to the heart and cheeks flushed with wild pink


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